Sečovlje Salt Pans - Dragonja River Valley

Sečovlje Salt Pans

The enchanting view of enclosed basins in the Northern Adriatic filled with shimmering sea water and white salt awakens our curiosity and painting inspiration. Of all the salt pans that once existed in the Gulf of Trieste, only the ones in Sečovlje and Strunjan remain today, where salt is still harvested in the traditional way. For centuries this protected landscape greatly influenced the economy of both the country and...

Dragonja River Valley

This area is a true challenge for all lovers of untouched, wild nature combined with traces of history. Ancient Romans recognized its benefits: grain was ground on the 29-kilometer-long river, in over 40 mills. Today, only a few have been reconstructed, such as Kodarin and Mazurin's mill. The river does not have a specific source, but is formed from the confluence of steep tributaries in the mountain area all the way...

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