Jasenovik – Nova Vas – Vranja

Nova Vas

Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit in Nova Vas was decorated by Master Blasius from Dubrovnik. The rustic, popular expression of modified Renaissance forms and setting of figures chronologically belongs to the 16th c. The awkward visual language of these frescoes is close to the so-called Croatian painters (hrvaški malarji) found in all parts of today's Slovenia. It is the time when mural painting dies out, and the new post-Tridentine taste becomes the reason for removing such paintings. Although these frescoes may perhaps seem too rustic and unattractive, we should bear in mind that they were suitable for the Ćići, shepherds this entire mountainous region was named after. Along the northern wall is the procession with the Three Wise Men traveling to pay homage to the Messiah. Below them, the prophets looking towards us from inside the fluttering scrolls. The Apostles are represented encircled by laurel wreaths. Such figures were also depicted on the dilapidated frescoes in St. George's Church in Krajnica near Labin, which proves that this workshop executed frescoes in rural parts of Istria, far from the urban centers.

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