Jasenovik – Nova Vas – Vranja


St. Quirinus

St. Quirinus's Church is a Romanesque edifice with a raised sanctuary with two inscribed apses. This Istrian feature has been already mentioned several times, but here it can be seen in its original form. The only decor on the facade is a molded portal with doubled capitals. The church was reconstructed several times, which is testified by the Glagolitic inscription on the window lintel. The church titular is St. Quirinus, continental saint, martyr of Siscia.

The Virgin with Child and St. Joseph behind them are the only details visible under the layers of lime. Once again this is the work of Master Albert, where the volume of faces is suggested by fine brush strokes. His graphism of the face of the Virgin Mary was brought to subtlety. This is one of his most beautiful figures. On the layer of lime over the Adoration of the Magi, Fučić wrote in Croatian and Italian in pencil: Do not touch. Unfortunately, when the restorer's scalpels begin to scrape this image, this charming warning and Fučić's autograph will disappear forever. Just like Čepić Lake disappeared because it was dried up between the two World Wars. On the shores of the lake, in the Middle Ages, stood the nearby castles Kožljak and Kršan. Although they are not covered with frescoes, be sure to visit them.

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