Pazin – Beram


St. Martin

The Parish Church of St. Martin in Beram keeps less known frescoes. The one-time medieval church has been preserved as the sanctuary of the present-day one. In the sanctuary of the Gothic building is the representation of St. Martin, a painting by the North Italian artist influenced by the work of Vitale da Bologna. By compact voluminous masses, the equestrian figure of St. Martin has been placed within the cliff-like landscape with act of a beggar and impressive frontal rotation of the horse’s head. The other, less skillful master painted the partly preserved angel musicians on the left side of the triumphal arch of the older church. On the right side of the wall, the hybrid iconographic composition of the Virgin Mary the Protectress with Christ in the mandorla on her chest. While holding the hem of her mantle by her open arms protecting two groups of saints, the soaring angels hold her crown.

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