Slum – Roč – Hum


St. Matthew

After Hrastovlje we bid farewell to Slovenia and enter the Croatian part of Istria, in the direction of Buzet which is the easiest way to reach Slum, the small village on Mount Ćićarija. Those with a more adventurous attitude are advised to take the roads from Brest and Nugla. In the Middle Ages this parish belonged to the Trieste diocese, as well as the rest of Ćićarija. Slum is better known for its old linden tree, believed to be the oldest in Istria, than for its frescoes.

Recently discovered and restored, these frescoes stand in the Late Gothic sanctuary of St. Matthew’s Church, in the shade of the ancient linden tree. The sanctuary dates from 1555, evident from the Glagolitic inscription on the console of the vault, which makes this cycle one of the youngest in Istria. Although its figures are painted in a Renaissance manner, in terms of iconography they still belong to the Middle Ages. The walls of the sanctuary and the edges of the stellar vault bear representations of saints and prophets. In the central parts of the vault are scenes from the Christological cycle: Annunciation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and the scene of St. George Slaying the Dragon opposite to the scene of Christ’s Descent into Limbo, which is besides Hrastovlje and Oprtalj the only preserved example in Istria. In the web of the vault, above the present altar, is the discernible image of God the Father, shown with the symbol of royal power – ruler’s apple, bestowing benediction with his right hand. The closest way to Roč is through Nugla and to pass by yet another tourist attraction – Raspadalica, the famous site of paragliding competitions.

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