Žminj – Svetvinčenat


Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Church was once a detached edifice within the one-time castle. Today it is connected with the parish church and used as one of the chapels. The frescoes were painted in 1471, as testified by the inscription on the velarium.  A number of scenes are presented on a small area: Flight to Egypt, Fall of the Idols of Egypt, Massacre of the Innocents, Return of the Holy Family from Egypt, Baptism in the River Jordan, Expulsion of the Merchants from the Temple, Last Supper, Prayer on the Mount of Olives, Kiss of Judas, Christ before Pontius Pilate, Flagellation of Christ, Resurrection, Holy Women at the Empty Tomb, Noli me tangere, Jesus Appears to His Disciples, Doubting Thomas, Ascension of Jesus, Christ in Majesty. These scenes are copies from the Biblia pauperum; some of them are unique among the preserved Istrian frescoes. Such is the example of the Kiss of Judas depicting an exceptional image of St. Peter, who along with others in this chapel is one of the most magnificent figures of Istrian mural painting.

Masterfully composed volumes together with the use of vivid colors are surely a visual delight for every eye.

This cycle is associated with Master Bolfgang of Carinthian influence. His workshop is one of the possible influences and inspirations of John from Kastav. Cherry red lips, voluminous faces, big eyes wide open and dark pupils, long curly hair, flat two-dimensional haloes and ornamental repertoire are some of the features that lead us to such a conclusion.

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