Karmen Kirac was born in Pula (Croatia). She completed her primary and secondary musical education at the piano department of the Music School Ivan Matetić Ronjgov in Pula in the class of Nirvana Gherbaz Duraković. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana(Slovenia), piano department, in the class of Zdenka Novak. She continued her professional development with harpsichordists Lucy Hallman Russel and Jucques Ogg in Amsterdam (Netherlands). As a soloist and chamber musician she earned recognition in numerous performances in Croatia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Karmen Kirac - CEMBALO (mp3) Karmen Kirac - KLAVIR (mp3)
01.F. Couperin - LES JONGLEURS SAUTEURS (2.1Mb) 01.Chopin - ETIDE Opus 25-1 (3.4Mb)
02.G. F. Handel - SARABANDA (3.6Mb) 02.Chopin - ETIDE Opus 25-2 (2.8Mb)
03.J. F. Rameau - L'ENHARMONIQUE (9.7Mb) 03.Chopin - IMPROMPTUS (5.6Mb)
04.J. F. Rameau - TAMBOURIN (2.1Mb) 04.Chopin - MAZURKA Opus 30-1 (2.3Mb)
05.J. S. Bach - CHORAL (2.5Mb) 05.Chopin - MAZURKA Opus 30-2 (2.2Mb)
06.J. S. Bach - INVENCIJA (5.3Mb) 06.Chopin - NOCTURNO (5.4Mb)
07.J. S. Bach - MENUET 1 I 2 IZ PARTITE (3.5Mb) 07.Chopin - PRELUDIJ Opus 28-6 (2.6Mb)
08.J. S. Bach - PRELUDIJ (3.1Mb) 08.Chopin - PRELUDIJ Opus 28-7 (1.0Mb)
09.J. S. Bach - SARABANDA IZ FRANCUSKE SUITE (4.0Mb) 09.Chopin - PRELUDIJ Opus 28-20 (1.8Mb)
10.J. S. Bach - SARABANDA IZ PARTITE br 1 B-dur (6.3Mb) 10.Debussy - ARABESQUE (5.0Mb)
11.J. S. Bach - SARABANDA IZ PARTITE br 2 c-mol (4.6Mb) 11.Handel - PASSACAGLIA (5.3Mb)
12.J. S. Bach - SARABANDA IZ PARTITE br.3 a-mol (5.8Mb) 12.Mozart - ADAGIO IZ SONATE KV 280 (6.7Mb)
13.Anonimus - MUSCADIN (1.7Mb) 13.Mozart - SONATA D-dur KV 311-1 (5.0Mb)
  14.Mozart - SONATA D-dur KV 311-2 (6.7Mb)
  15.Mozart - SONATA D-dur KV 311-3 (9.8Mb)
  16.Satie - GNOSSIENNE 1 (4.1Mb)
  17.Satie - GNOSSIENNE 3 (3.6Mb)
  18.Satie - IDILA (1.2Mb)
  19.Satie - MEDITACIJA (1.4Mb)
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