Žminj – Svetvinčenat


St. Catherine

In terms of typology, St. Catherine's Church is an interesting single-naved chapel with wooden roofing and an inscribed apse ending with a pointed barrel vault. It is decorated with scenes from the life of St. Catherine. The central part of the southern wall depicts scenes of her engagement. In the central field is the Virgin Mary sitting on a backless throne with Christ on her lap, and behind them are three angels holding drapes. St. Catherine extends her hand towards Christ, so that he may, according to legend, place an engagement ring on her finger.

The spatial organization of scenes, ornamental repertoire and anatomical details are similarities between the frescoes in St. Catherine's Church and those of St. Anthony's Church in Barban. Both cycles manifest a strong influence of the North-Italian Trecento, although influences of South Tyrolean mural painting are also visible.

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