Baštija - Kostanjica - Parenzana


Baštija, the port of Grožnjan in Antiquity, was situated on the Mirna River, some 10 kilometers from the sea. The importance of this spacious quay for loading and discharging goods in the Middle Ages is testified by the tariff from 1726, inscribed on a stone tablet, on the square in Vižinda. The port was named after the defense tower built by the Venetians. Nearby was also the source of drinking water Gradole that...


The lower and middle course of the Mirna River were sailed transversally as well, which is testified by the transport activity of the Kostanjica inhabitants, known as the Kostanjica rafters.
The town was inhabited in prehistory. It was first mentioned in the 11th c. as Villa de Castan on the list of property offered to the Patriarchs of Aquileia. After the administration of the Devins and Counts of...


The Parenzana railroad was in function in Istria from 1902 until 1935. It connected Trieste with Poreč via Koper, Piran, Buje, Grožnjan, Završje, Livade, Motovun and Vižinada. With a total length of 123 kilometers, it played an extremely important role because it gave an impetus to the development of the poorest parts of Istria of that time. It served to transport agricultural products of North-West Istria –...

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