Nature park Učka - Mošćenice

Učka nature park

At first glance, simply a mountain connecting Istria with the continental part of the country.  However, it has always been much more than this. Both in terms of nature and history.
The closeness of the sea and mountain relief created a climate for special and luxuriant vegetation. In addition to the natural beauties, high peaks, canyons, vast meadows, 40 ponds, 200 caves, water springs and abundant forests,...


Medieval fortified town situated on a high hill on the eastern slopes of Učka, offering a spectacular view of the Kvarner and islands. Its beginnings can be traced to prehistoric times when it was settled by the Liburnians, an Illyrian tribe, so today this area, too, is referred to as Liburnia. The inhabitants were mostly cattle breeders and able seafarers who with their characteristic fast liburna ships posed a threat to...

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