Istarske toplice - Motovun Forest - Višnjan

Istarske toplice

In the immediate vicinity, beneath an 85m tall rock, at the curative spring known as St. Stephen, lies the health resort Istarske toplice or Terme, known as early as Antiquity, testified by finds of coins, jewelry, inscriptions … The rock bears the ruins of the old chapel of St. Stephen, and in the vicinity, remains of a prehistoric hill-fort and Roman fortification. There are no greater remains that date...

Motovun forest

The forest in the Mirna Valley is truly unique. It originally covered about 1,300 hectares but the accumulated drinking water of Botonega took up one part of it. Presently it spreads over 800 hectares, proclaimed a special reserve of forest vegetation.
Truly, there were more forests like this in the Mediterranean, but they were mostly cleared and turned into agricultural surfaces. The Motovun forest is the last...


This area was long before intersected by Roman roads that branched from the Via Flavia, the main road that connected Trieste, Poreč, Pula and Rijeka, and formed approach roads to certain inhabited sites.
In the middle of this area lies Višnjan, a town whose history reaches back to the 2nd c. BC. After the Roman conquest of the Histri, Istria became part of the 10th Italic province and Višnjan became...

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