Cave Mramornica - Feštini Kingdom - Cave Baredine

Subterranean world

The Istrian karst was suitable for the millennia-long creation of caves that it has in abundance. This underground world, protected natural heritage, fascinates in a special way: these are different living forms, colors and forms. They make each cave unique. The temperature in nearly all of them is between 13 and 15o C, they are mostly maintained and open for visitors.

Mramornica cave

One of the largest in Istria, it is a true jewel of the Istrian underground. The bravest, curious individuals conquered fear and descended into it back in 1770, when it was first mentioned. Not far from Brtonigla, after nearly vertical stairs, stands the entrance to one of the biggest underground halls in Istria. The oval room is really large: it is almost one hundred meters long and about fifty meters wide. Water drips...

Feštini kingdom

You will find it in the heart of Istria, near the village Feštini not far from Žminj. It was named kingdom by children surprised by the miraculous space and forms in which their imagination saw a magician’s hat, the wings of a bat, the Tower of Babel and many others. The cave was discovered by chance by farmers in the field above it. During the war it served as a place to hide from the enemy.

Baredine cave

It is situated near Nova Vas, between Poreč, Višnjan and Tar. This cave is a treasury of stalagmites and stalactites, underground sculptures created by patient and centuries-long activity of water.  It is 132 meters deep, and open for visitors only up to about 60 meters. In the bottom it has 16 meter-deep vertical wells with permanent underground water. The lateral part and the ceiling of the cave are covered...

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