Lim Bay - Kloštar - Kontija - Dvigrad

Lim bay

Cut into the rich vegetation with an unusual color of the sea, it simply calls for exploration. This is in fact a sunken karst valley on the western coast of Istria, situated between Rovinj and Vrsar, 11.5 kilometers long and 600 meters wide in average. It is often mistakenly referred to as fjord and channel, which does not correspond to its formation. Namely, the bay was created after the last glaciation, when the sea...


The town above the Lim valley is known for the Benedictine monastery of St. Michael above Lim from the 10th c. which is presently in ruins. Soon after its founding, it became the center of the large property constantly increased by deeds of gifts of Istrian noblemen. The monastery was for a while the residence of St. Romuald who spent his reclusive days in the nearby cave named after him, even though it was much older and...


Situated between Vrsar and Lim, above the bay, it is a special reserve of forest vegetation covering an area of 65 hectares. Its natural phenomenon is the forest of oriental hornbeam, more than 140 years old, scientifically very interesting and valuable, the best preserved surface of such association in Istria. Other trees are the downy oak, oriental hornbeam, flowering ash, Montpelier maple, Turkey oak and juniper tree. A...


This is a special site. It was neither burnt nor destroyed by the war. It simply died – remaining without its inhabitants. It stood not far from Kanfanar above the Lim valley and had a superior position in terms of medieval roads. Its beginnings date back to prehistoric times, when it was part of the one-time hill-fort within the Roman province, at the border between the Pula and Poreč ager. Its name speaks...

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