Črni Kal - Osp - Kubed

Črni Kal

The ruins of a castle overlooking Črni Kal, called Town or Old Town, stand on a cliff some 30 meters high that once could be reached only by a four-meter-long drawbridge. Situated on the road through the Rižana Valley towards Klanec, between the Adriatic Coast and the interior, on the border between Venetian and Habsburg interests, Črni Kal was already mentioned in the 11th c.
During the 14th c. it was a...


The oldest settlement in Slovenia was first mentioned at the beginning of the 11th c. Today, it is an internationally renowned rock climbing site, whereas in the past its walls were one of the most important defensive lines against the Turks. Under the rock is Osp or Grad Cave with the spring of the Osp River. Located in the village is the Church of St. Thomas from the 16th c. and Ribnica spring.


The village was first mentioned in written sources in the 11th c., but unlike other fortress-castles, its walls still defended houses at the end of the 18th c. Kubed castle was an important strategic point because it served as backing for the fortresses situated near the border, so military troops were stationed there until the end of the Uskok War. During the Austrian-Venetian war the castle was heavily damaged, but it...

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