Oprtalj - Završje - Livade - Zrenj


In a sequence of fortifications and towns lined on the hill as a wreath adorning the river valley, lies Oprtalj. Strategically positioned above the river, it was once a fortification surrounded by walls. Houses were later built against the town walls, and among them is the hardly observable former town gate. Opposite the gate stands the great Venetian loggia with a lapidarium, and beside it on the high walls, a plateau...


Driving down the road towards Završje, the syntagm magical Istria assumes its full meaning: it is truly a breathtaking view. In the foreground is the medieval town rising on a cliff above the Mirna Valley, and in the distance behind it is Motovun on the other side of the river, on another hill, as if afloat. This is where the story about the fortifications, about life above the Mirna River, about the trade that took...


This town along the Mirna River developed some one hundred years ago, mostly owing to the Parenzana railroad. Livade was at the time the traffic and commercial center for wine, olive oil and other agricultural produce. When the white truffle was discovered in the Mirna Valley, Livade became the collection and distribution center of this valuable mushroom. Today, it is known for its numerous events and experiences linked to...


A small and modest town near Oprtalj was once swarming with skillful and wealthy craftsmen – blacksmiths, weavers and stone masons. The area was inhabited already in prehistory and was mentioned in the 11th c. From the 14th c. it became part of the Pietrapelosa property, and later belonged to the Gravisi family. In the 16th c. it was inhabited by refugee families from Dalmatia who fled before the Osmanlis.

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