Črni Kal - Osp - Kubed


The village was first mentioned in written sources in the 11th c., but unlike other fortress-castles, its walls still defended houses at the end of the 18th c. Kubed castle was an important strategic point because it served as backing for the fortresses situated near the border, so military troops were stationed there until the end of the Uskok War. During the Austrian-Venetian war the castle was heavily damaged, but it was reconstructed at the end of the 15th c. and from then on the castle was continuously reconstructed because of its strategic importance. A greater part of the walls and defensive tower that was turned into a belfry have been preserved to the present. In the 17th c., after the army had withdrawn and the castle started to lose its military function, the church, as well as houses were built within the walls, so that one of their walls leaned against the existing bulwarks. In such a way the castle was preserved.

On a picturesque elevation above the village, on the site of the one-time Venetian fortress, stands the Parish Church of St. Florian from the 19th c. In the Middle Ages there was an older church here, of which only the sanctuary with remains of frescoes from the 16th c. are preserved.

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