Bale – Batvači – Fažana – Pomer


Holy Spirit

What today remains of Bale, significant castle under the rule of the Patriarchs of Acquileia, are two rings of walls. The parish church with crypt and notable Pre-Romanesque statue of Bale and its surroundings point to the one-time importance of this town. The large church nave with side chapels holds valuable artworks, of which the Pre-Romanesque sarcophagus, Romanesque crucifix and Renaissance wood-carved polyptych...


St. Foška

In St. Foška's Church a large parish fete is held on February 13, the feast day of this saint. Naturally, there are crowds of people that day, so the real atmosphere of the church can be experienced when visiting the church alone. It was built at the corner of a centuria, fertile plot of land marked out by boundaries in Antiquity.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

This small fishing town is one of the few Istrian coastal towns that has preserved its specific character with the arrival of the crowds of tourists. Although until recently it existed in the shadow of the Brijuni islands, as its transit port, today it has developed into a popular tourist destination. One of Fažana's trademarks is the pilchard, whereas proof of its fishing tradition is the event of salting pilchard.

SS. Cosmas and Damian

The Parish Church of SS. Cosmas and Damian is an elongated Gothic edifice ending in a polygonal sanctuary. The stone inventory (portal and lunette on the facade and custodia in the sanctuary) testifies to its Gothic origin, as well as the remains of mural paintings. Pre-Romanesque spolia which mention Bishop Firmin and is walled into the facade suggests that there was previously an older church at this site.


St. Flor

A view of the church through the portal of the perimeter wall reminds us of Mexico. The only ornament on the facade is the Baroque bell gable decorated with a sculpted head and volutes of the broken pediment. Inside it remains a Gothic bell. With its semi-circular apse, whose typology is frequent in Istria, it does not provide elements for a more precise datation.

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