Šorići – Dvigrad – Kanfanar


St. Mary Magdalene

St. Mary Magdalene's Church is situated in the area of former Dvigrad municipality. It stands outside the village, in a field. Architecturally simple, it belongs to the most common architectural typology in Istria, with a semi-circular apse. Such types of sacral edifices are mainly characteristic of the Romanesque in Istria, but were built in the later periods as well.


St. Mary of Lakuć

The grandiose ruins bear witness of the abandoned medieval town that once watched over the road from Lim Channel through Lim Valley. The remains of the largest building on Dvigrad's highest plateau belong to the Parish Church of St. Sophia.

St. Anthony

On the wall of St. Anthony's Church is a painted polyptych depicting the saint holding his crosier, the Virgin and Child, and the badly damaged image of an unidentified saint and St. Martin with beggar. The statue of St. Anthony, which is today kept at the parish office in Kanfanar, also belonged to the polyptych.


St. Agatha

The church cannot be dated with certainty. In terms of typology it is related to the Pre-Romanesque building tradition, but it could have been built even later, in the second half of the 11th c., suggested by the frescoes discovered on the first layer of plaster. By their forms, compositional and technical features they are dated to the second half of the 11th c.

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