Oprtalj – Čirkoti – Rakotule


St. Mary

Whatever direction we may come to Oprtalj, the view will be magnificent. And when we finally arrive, we will once again be endowed by the nice scenery and the view of the surrounding landscape from the town loggia, opposite the main entrance to the town. St. Mary’s Church is situated beneath Oprtalj, along the road that leads to Zrenj, Šterna and Buje, in the shade of the cypresses standing before it.

St. Roch

On the opposite entrance to the village is St. Roch’s Church. It was subsequently extended and had a portico added onto it. The oldest part of the church keeps scenes with saints painted by Anthony from Padova. The best preserved is the figure of St. Leonard, the saint in chains, that best shows Anthony’s modeling of the face, anatomic details of meticulous drawing and the thick, opaque layers of color.

St. Silvester

In St. Sylvester near Oprtalj are mural paintings that by their style are similar to the ones in Zanigrad. The legend of the Miracle of St. James on the northern wall is the best preserved scene. The partly preserved Virgin is the remainder of the Annunciation. Beside her, on the southern wall, is the hardly legible representation with a boat in a storm and a whale, and therefore noticeable sailors throwing Iona into the...

St. Helen

Of the entirely painted interior of St. Helen’s Church, only the fresco of the Annunciation has been preserved. It stands on the triumphal arch, while in the half-dome vault of the apse is Christ in the mandorla surrounded by symbols of Four Evangelists and a round medallion with the resurrected lamb. To his left are St. Helen, and to the right most probably St. Nazarius, the bishop of Koper.


SS. Primus and Felician

Čirkoti is a village north of Završje, in the municipality of Grožnjan. We recommend you come to Završje from the Mirna River valley by unpaved road and from there after passing the transformer station, by the narrow paved road toward Čirkoti. The Church of SS. Primus and Felician at the cemetery is close to the village. The road that descends toward the cemetery offers a nice view of Kostanjevica and the...


St. Nicholas

We can arrive from Čirkoti to Rakotule via Motovun by making a turn in Karojba towards Poreč. The Church of St. Nicholas is situated at the cemetery. The frescoes were discovered in 1925 by the Istrian reformer, priest Luka Kirac. Until recently they were mistakenly considered painting of Giotto's tradition. These are among the few preserved frescoes in Istria of undoubtedly Venetian origin.

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