Jasenovik – Nova Vas – Vranja


St. Quirinus

St. Quirinus's Church is a Romanesque edifice with a raised sanctuary with two inscribed apses. This Istrian feature has been already mentioned several times, but here it can be seen in its original form. The only decor on the facade is a molded portal with doubled capitals.

Nova Vas

Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit in Nova Vas was decorated by Master Blasius from Dubrovnik. The rustic, popular expression of modified Renaissance forms and setting of figures chronologically belongs to the 16th c. The awkward visual language of these frescoes is close to the so-called Croatian painters (hrvaški malarji) found in all parts of today's Slovenia.


SS. Peter and Paul

Vranja is situated on the road from Plomin towards Učka, which has been here ever since ancient times. Before Tunnel Učka and the Istrian Y motorway were built, this was the road connecting central Istria, via Veprinac to Rijeka. Vranja was also the starting point of the medieval communication, pass towards Lovran, via Učka.

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