Bičići – Barban – Prodol


St. Martin

The only trace of the one-time Benedictine monastery is St. Martin's Church in Bičići with remains of frescoes. The mural paintings inside the church date from 1319, which is testified by the badly damaged painted inscription on the northern wall mentioning Martin Bobosius, i.e. Boboš, from the Survey of Istrian Land Boundaries (Istarski razvod), known as the district-prefect of Barban who commissioned...


St. Anthony

Barban is a town in South Istria, on the eastern border of the one-time ager of the Roman colony Pula. Its location on a plateau overlooking the valley of the Raša River increased its strategic importance over the centuries. Driving along the road Labin – Pula we can hardly imagine all the attractions this town by the road has to offer. Unfortunately, many people never stop to discover and admire its...

St. James

St. James's Church is situated on the northern edge of the town. The original Gothic church had an inscribed apse that was later pulled down. Later interventions include the extension of church and an opening in the northern wall where the stone rose window from the original facade was incorporated. This opening partly damaged the frescoes.


St. Matthew

If until now you disregarded the advice to visit the frescoes in Istrian churches on foot instead of arriving by car, here you will not have a choice. You will need about ten minutes of walking, so be sure to take along a topographic map and compass. Or you can find someone who knows the exact location of St. Matthew's Church to take you there.

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