Pićan – Gračišće – Lindar


St. Michael

Pićan was the center of the smallest Istrian diocese. Because of its size and low income it was referred to as the nutshell diocese. It belonged to the Aquileian Patriarchate. Bishops were mostly of German and Italic origin in the Middle Ages. The right of appointing the Pićan bishop belonged to the German emperor.


St. Mary in the Square

Gračišće attracts by a variety of events: at the maneštra festival you can try your luck on the donkey race, watch the meeting of old-timers, enjoy the wine festival of Central Istria, re-enactment of the Nativity Scene, the mountain bike race Downhill, as well as the music festival Melodies of Istria and Kvarner.


St. Sebastian

In St. Sebastian’s Church, to the right of the frame of the Baroque painting, you can notice a hand with a sword, part of St. Paul’s scene. A muscular upper arm, modeling of the tight fitting drapery and the characteristic color scheme reveal the strokes of Master Dominic.

St. Catherine

Better known frescoes are in the Gothic St. Catherine’s Church, a harmonious edifice with an added portico with closed walls and three openings. The window transenna on the aft wall and the interior division into bays with cross vaults are elements of architecture that indicate the Gothic style.

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