Gradišće – Koper


St. Helen

The first church on our way in terms of geography does not belong to Istria, but rather to the Slovenian Karst. But, in terms of culture it is part of Istria, indeed. There we can find frescoes of John from Kastav, the Late Gothic Istrian painter educated in the Alpine cultural circle, most probably in Carinthia. This is one of the warmest church interiors, nicely kept and maintained by the locals, aware of its value. It...



During the Venetian dominance, Koper was the most important center of Istria and its largest town, while its historic core is impressive by size even nowadays. An obligatory stop is the main square with the Praetorian Palace, loggia and Cathedral of the Assumption. If you continue walking through the narrow streets, you will come across many Gothic buildings: the Percauz House, Carpaccio House, Almerigogna Palace, Favento-...

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The first fresco we will find stands in the Rotunda of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, not far from the cathedral. From the top of its dome, as if from the vault of heaven, the monumental Christ on the throne looks upon us.

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