Slum – Roč – Hum


St. Matthew

After Hrastovlje we bid farewell to Slovenia and enter the Croatian part of Istria, in the direction of Buzet which is the easiest way to reach Slum, the small village on Mount Ćićarija. Those with a more adventurous attitude are advised to take the roads from Brest and Nugla. In the Middle Ages this parish belonged to the Trieste diocese, as well as the rest of Ćićarija. Slum is better known for its old linden tree,...


St. Roch

Roč is a medieval town surrounded by walls with preserved main town gate. Within this gate is a small lapidarium testifying to the town’s importance in Antiquity. However, unlike Antiquity when settlements developed in the valleys, the Middle Ages preferred elevations that provided better defense for the inhabitants. Several churches were built within the town walls of Roč.


St. Jerome

Starting from the foot of Roč towards Hum, we pass along the Glagolitic Alley, a trail of eleven monuments dedicated to the Glagolitic script and the roots of Slavic literacy. Hum is said to be “the smallest town in the world”. It is a town in terms of medieval architecture, not in today's sense of the word.

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