Podpeč – Zanigrad – Hrastovlje


St. Helen

At the edge of the Karst, as if embracing Istria, above the small badly neglected village stands a round tower, one of the many belvederes we will visit on our journey. From there we will have a nice view of the village that is divided by railroad from its cemetery church. During construction of the railway, fragments of frescoes that were found then were removed. Some of them were kept in the Koper, and others, in the...


St. Stephen

We do not have to wander long from Podpeč to arrive to the second stop of our journey. Zanigrad is less than a kilometer of linear distance away. Indeed, together with nearby Hrastovlje we have already seen it from the mentioned belvedere above Podpeč. The church in Zanigrad is dedicated to St. Stephen. It is simple by its typology, single-naved with an inscribed apse. A belfry was added to the northern side of its western...


Holy Trinity

Only a couple of minutes away lies Hrastovlje. The church stands on a small elevation above the village, within the walls built to protect the village from plundering of the Turks, providing shelter for the inhabitants of the nearby settlement. A belfry was added to the facade, left from the entrance, the same as in Zanigrad.

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