Bičići – Barban – Prodol


St. James

St. James's Church is situated on the northern edge of the town. The original Gothic church had an inscribed apse that was later pulled down. Later interventions include the extension of church and an opening in the northern wall where the stone rose window from the original facade was incorporated. This opening partly damaged the frescoes. On the wall of the one-time apse is the Virgin Mary the Protectress guarding members of the Barban confraternity under her mantle, depicted with distinctive physiognomies. The side walls depict scenes of the legend of St. James, and on the southern wall is the Martyrdom of St. Lawrence. The paintings were executed by the already mentioned workshop of John from Kastav, which is best visible in the presentation of one of the most beautiful images, that of St. Lawrence and scene of his martyrdom. On the same wall in the window embrasure is a rare iconographic scene in Istrian mural painting: in the glaring exterior light on the red background stands a white skeleton – death with a scythe and unrolled scroll, with which the painter has achieved the sensation of sudden appearance of death through the window.

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