Plomin – Brseč – Lovran


St. George

Another Parish Church of St. George awaits us while traveling by road from Plomin along the ridge of the slopes of Učka. We can almost sense all these slopes in each and every bend of this winding road. Brseč is an acropolis-type of settlement, standing on a steep cliff above the sea. The best way to experience its location is to continue from the Church of the Holy Cross by dirt road towards St. Magdalene's Church. The road continues from the church to the very edge of the cliff, offering a breathtaking and unforgettable view of the Kvarner and nearby Cres Island.

St. George's Church is one of the most beautiful churches on our journey, with Baroque inventory such as golden altars, choir stalls and sacristy cabinet. Remains of mural paintings are visible in the parts of the medieval church that have survived Baroque reconstruction. Fragments of scenes from the Life of Christ are full of images depicted in bright colors, vivid and animated brush strokes, where we recognize the features of our old acquaintance, Albert from Constance. In the scene of the Ascension of Christ, only the Apostles are visible, with their necks rotated and looking towards Christ whose feet are only visible, while the rest of his body is swallowed by the glowing celestial sphere. The central part of the composition is a pyramid-shaped rock, streaked with cracks in the form of a Y. Behind the Apostles, on a bright red background; the only empty space is filled with dense palm tree crowns. This simple composition displays Albert's talent of filling the surface with a flickering production of his drawing.

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