Sv. Lovreč – Kloštar

Sv. Lovreč

St. Martin

Only the walls and two town gates remain of the fortified medieval castle. Today, one of the town gates is walled into the defensive tower. Next to it is the Parish Church of St. Martin, and the Municipal Loggia leaning against its southern wall. It is the largest Romanesque church in Istria.

In the northern and southern apse of this three-aisled edifice from the beginning of the 11th c. are the recently restored frescoes. They date from the period of the Ottonian Renaissance; surpassing in quality all other examples of such art, including the original examples of Ottonian art. The best preserved are monumental figures of saints in the southern apse.  In the conch of the apse is the iconography of Late Antiquity depicting Christ astride surrounded by archangels. The northern apse has partially preserved frescoes that cannot be precisely interpreted since they are ruined by the Gothic ones in the lower part. Remains in the church nave are part of a more extensive cycle. Research work has never been carried out on the walls of the sanctuary in the central apse. The younger layer of mural paintings in the northern apse can be associated with the ones in Prodol, at least because of the unique bordure with anthropomorphous sun.

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